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Of the 31 items on last weeks epic to do list I managed to complete 20. I think that this must be progress even if I would have liked to get more done. Sadly a woman’s work or rather housework is never done so herein follows the new list (NB it would still be a kindness if you did not mention those items which have featured on the list for some months.)
  1.  Tidy top shelf of wardrobe before the contents falls on my head and knocks me out
  2.  Get my act together - ring O2 and organize a more favourable contract
  3.  Wash paintwork on staircases
  4.  Get brother to put screws in wall to hang clock in kitchen, photo in dining room and mirror in pim2005's room. Also get him to take down defunct blind in bathroom and fit new loo seat
  5.  Purchase heat detector to replace smoke alarm near kitchen - this will avoid an audible signal when the toast is ready.
  6.  Purchase new loo seat
  7.  Hoover stairs
  8.  Catalogue Mallorys, Fairlie Bruces, Montgomerys, Hills, MEAS, Estorils and Brent Dyers
  9.  Finish Chapters 4 and 5 of the epic
  10.  Update diary
  11.  Pick up new TFT monitor from my parents house
  12.  Set up new TFT monitor and keyboard
  13.  Take old CRT monitor and keyboard for recycling
  14.  Hoover back of PC
  15.  Empty bins
  16.  Clean bathroom
  17.  Dark laundry
  18.  Change bedding
  19.  Wash valance and mattress and pillow protectors
  20.  Send congratulations card to parents of William James
  21.  Register for an online tax return
  22.  Cash cheques
  23.  Pay restaurant deposit for Saturday
  24. Clean out washing machine drawer
  25.  Find time to have a quiet nervous breakdown

To do

Nov. 21st, 2005 11:29 am
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In a quest to sort out Fallujah (sitting room/ dining room) Baghdad (my room) and Basra ([ profile] kerrilouise's room). The geographical allusions refer to the signs K and I affixed to the doors shortly after moving in whenit was a disaster zone. Here is a list of what I have done or need to do in the hope this will encourage me to actually do it! I wouldn't hold your breath however.

Wastepaper basket in dining room emptied.

Recycling sorted and put out.

GGBP Bulk Buy unpacked and box put out for recycling.

Clean dry washing removed from dryer and various places around downstairs and in laundry baskets.

Bras hung on airer.

Emails I owe sent!

Telephoned Prescriptions Pricing Authority to find out how to claim a refund as the info they sent me was out of date.

Washing up collected and put in bowl (not done).

Found all K’s stray belongingss and put in neat pile.

Put all my stray belongings in bad to put away later.



Sort and fold washing.

Put mine away.

Make bed.

Sort out my pending paperwork pile.

Return library books to Bromley and Greenwich – pay the hideous fines…

Write about GoF in my LJ.

Write about Peace in my LJ.

Claim refund on prescription charge paid.

Finish letter to MP.
Book cut and colour.

Insure contents – before it runs out on Fri.

Find paperwork to tax the car!

Allocate bulk buy books ready for distribution.

Quicken Accounts.



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