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Ok it's not quite Saturday yet but I still need a list then I may accomplish something tomorrow.

1. Make green veggie soup.
2. Refile paperwork - shredding/ recycling anything I no longer need (anyone know if I need the council tax bill from 05/06 for any reason? Or my TV licences from 04/05 & 05/06. What about expired buildings and contents insurance certificates)
3. Write to Inland revenue - re: potential owed tax
4. Write to freeholder about broken step
5. Write to Easyjet re: broken bag.
6. Write to manufacturer of sonic mouse deterrent to ask for refund as it is useless
7. Buy clip thing to hold lampshade to light fitting
8. Change bedding
9. Put laundry away
10. Return library books
11. Reconcile credit card bill and work out how poor I am in February.
12. Food shopping
13. Go to Homebase to check out bookshelves
14. Go to Co-op to look for apothecary's chest for dining room.

15. Take unwanted stuff to charity shop. 
16. Phone O2 to sort out upgrade, better contract and putting contract into my name.
17. Get certificate of Interest from HSBC
18. get certificate of interest from The Woolwich

I'm going to be really busy tomorrow...
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1) Put Christmas stuff back in cupboard
2) Go round to the parents (In their absence - more peaceful that way) and find my photo frame, a suction hook and use the photo copier. - photo frame is missing. As it was a 21st birthday present I sincerely hope it is in teh loft other wise I will have to be cross.
3) Return books to library
4) Update Quicken accounts
5) Put clean laundry away

6) Get bread etc.
7) Go to Homebase and measure bookcases
8) Pay Folly and NCC sub.
9) Enter meter readings

10) Visit favourite great aunt.
11) Email A and L to catch up.
12) Update Calendar with newly obtained birthdays and social engagements.


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