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Vicky ([ profile] tainted_words ) and Suzi ([ profile] safcooper ) came to visit yesterday. [ profile] kerrilouise and I got up incredibly early, well 8am, which is early for us on a Saturday (more to the point early for me as [ profile] kerrilouise was already up) because the kitchen resembled Mother Hubbard’s and we’d have had nothing to feed them not even bread. We'd have managed tapwater but minus ice. So we headed off to the big Tescos Extra at Thurrock before Lakeside and Ikea opened thus hoping to get through the shopping before Essex man was abroad.


The first half an hour was great, the store was empty and our shopping was easy calm and peaceful. Unfortunately then Essex man, his wife and children all descended on the store and it was bedlam. Screaming kids, rows over trolley priorities and utter chaos. It took ages to finish the last part of the shopping. Between us we spent £160 which is US$288.25 or Aussie$382 and now the freezer and larder are stuffed to bursting point and hopefully we will not need to endure the horrors of the big supermarket shop for another five or six weeks.


They did give me 5p a litre off petrol so knowing that I have to go to Heathrow and fetch Mum and Dad on Tuesday I took advantage off the offer and got £20 of petrol so the Nissan is no longer running on empty. Then there was an accident on the M25 so we had to queue to get over the Dartford Crossing the toll queue went all over the QEII Bridge and back the other side and all this time poor Vicky was waiting for us at Eltham station.


However we rescued her and raced home to deal with the bags of shopping and deal with the frozen stuff before it thawed. Poor Vicky found herself hauling Tescos bags in and watching while I stuffed the freezer. It was better than starving though or I hope it was.


See all the shopping here )


Although we met through H.TV we found lots of other stuff to discuss. Books especially Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The Internet in general particularly the propensity of email lists and message boards to explode into paroxysms o rage over something that people would probably shrug their shoulders over or agree to disagree about if they were off line and face to face. We also talked about families, family rows and gossiped about people we know and don’t know.


Casualty stuff hidden for the people who hate it )


We didn’t discuss Casualty too much so [ profile] kerrilouise did not feel too left out or at least I hope she didn’t. I drove Suzi home some time after midnight and Vicky was staying the night but came along for the ride and so she got a tour of some of the ‘loveliest’ parts of South London. Then we gossiped til after 3am as girls tend to do when they are sharing a room.


I had a good day I hope they did too.


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