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Birthdate:Apr 6
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The big 3-0 has come and gone and I still have that 18 year old inside asking what happened.

I have decided that growing older in unavoidable but growing up is optional. Peter Pan is my hero - what more can I say.

During the day I'm a disgruntled, bored and disillusioned civil servant based in the hallowed portals of Westminster, (a misnomer I am neither civil nor anyone’s servant) I joined to make a difference but am drowning in a sea of trivial paper pushing instead. For the 132 hours a week I haven't sold to the Government in order to pay the mortgage, I dream, read and write (both fanfic & original stuff) and attempt to escape real life whenever possible as it has a tendency to be dull and tedious. Imagination or a good book are a good refuge if reality is uncomfortable or unwanted. Girlsown books especially the Chalet School, Harry Potter and to a lesser extent the BBC TV series Casualty are my chosen retreats from reality.

I've read these books in 2013

I've lived in my lovely peaceful flat for more than seven years and I still delight in the fact that it is mine. The only downside is that suddenly all the bills have my name on them which is scary and expensive. I also no longer have a cooking, cleaning and laundry fairy. Frighteningly I have started to do very grown up things like spending good money on a new kitchen, cooking equipment etc.

I aim to be a domestic goddess but more often than not I am a domestic disaster. Domestic arts I can manage, domestic chores forget it.

Happily single: If Prince Charming comes along (Does he even exist?) that would be very nice but until then my shelf is warm and cosy and I’m enjoying my independence and doing just as I like when I like. Of course tall, dark, handsome millionaires may apply here and form an orderly queue.

I love to put the world to rights from the comfort of my armchair or more usually the PC chair. This is a personal space to explore and share ideas and also my place to waffle, whine, rant, rage, vent or to get my thoughts in order. You are welcome to comment and even to disagree but please tread softly on my dreams.

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