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  1. Castaway Christmas, Margaret J Baker (January) *
  2. Albert's Christmas, Alison Jezzard (January) *
  3. The Christmas Companion, Ed. Sonja Patel (January) 
  4. The Children of Green Knowe, Lucy Boston (January) *
  5. Tips for Vintage Style, Cath Kidston (January)
  6. The Forties, Alison Maloney (January)
  7. The 1940's House, Juliet Gardiner
  8. Dumb Waiter, Agatha Christie (January)
  9. Why Didn't They Ask Evans, Agatha Christie (January)
  10. Dying in the Wool, Frances Brody (January)
  11. Ordeal By Innocence, Agatha Christie (January)
  12. Mrs McGinty's Dead, Agatha Christie (January)
  13. Cards on the Table, Agatha Christie (January)
  14. Endless Night, Agatha Christie (January)
  15. Lord Edgeware Dies, Agatha Christie (January)
  16. Free Foods, Slimming World (January)
  17. Spreading My Wings, Diana Barnato Walker (January)
  18. 4:50 from Paddington, Agatha Christie (January)
  19. Brother in the Land, Robert Swindells (January)
  20. Don't You Know There's A War On: Voices From the Home Front, Jonathan Croall (January)
  21. Passenger to Frankfurt, Agatha Christie (January)
  22. Sand in Our Shoes, Margaret J Baker (January)
  23. Cut Off From Crumpets, Margaret J Baker (January)
  24. The Chimneys of Green Knowe, Lucy Boston (January)*
  25. The Dolls House Decorator, Vivienne Boulton (January)
  26. Slimming World's World of Flavour (January)
  27. Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie (January)
  28. The Intrusion of Nicola, Phyllis Matthewman (January)
  29. Curry Feast, Slimming World (February)
  30. Going Home, Harriet Evans (February)
  31. Five Little Pigs, Agatha Christie (February)
  32. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie (February)
  33. Spider's Web, Agatha Christie (February)
  34. Cooking for Victory, Marguerite Patten (February)
  35. The Woman's Book of Household Management, Florence Jack (February)
  36. Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh (February)
  37. The Mystery of the Blue Train, Agatha Christie (February)
  38. Sleeping Murder, Agatha Christie (February)
  39. After the Funeral, Agatha Christie (February)
  40. Elephants Can Remember, Agatha Christie (February)
  41. Sad Cyprus, Agatha Christie (February)
  42. Emily Goes to Exeter, MC Beaton (February)
  43. A Perfect Proposal, Katie Fforde (February)
  44. The Rough Guide to Portugal (February)
  45. Thomas Cook Porto - City Guide (February)
  46. Murder on the Downs, Simon Brett (March)
  47. A Song at Sunset, Amelia Carr (March)
  48. Snobbery and Violence, MC Beaton (March)
  49. The Foreign Correspondent, Alan Furst (March)
  50. Murder is Easy, Agatha Christie (March)
  51. Tea, Fortnum and Mason (March)
  52. Fabric Scrapping, Katie Ebben (March)
  53. Hercule Poirot - The Complete Short Stories, Agatha Christie (March)
  54. Miss Marple's Final Cases, Agatha Christie (March)
  55. Three Act Tragedy, Agatha Christie (March)
  56. Hopeless Romantic, Harriet Evans (March)
  57. Belinda Goes to Bath, MC Beaton, (March)
  58. Penelope Goes to Portsmouth, MC Beaton, (March)
  59. Hasty Death, MC Beaton, (March)
  60. Death of a Sweep, MC Beaton, (March)
  61. While the Light Lasts, Agatha Christie (March)
  62. Death and the Maiden, Gladys Mitchell (March)
  63. Love Always, Harriet Evans (March)
  64. (GO) Chiltern School, Mabel Esther Allan (March)
  65. 1001 Ways to Look Younger, Emma Baxter-Wright (March)
  66. Dead Man's Folly, Agatha Christie (March)
  67. French Women Don't Get Fat, Mireille Guiliano (March)
  68. 8 Sandpiper Way, Debbie Macoomber (March)
  69. To Davy Jones Below, Carola Dunn(March)
  70. Secrets in Priors Ford, Eve Houston (March)
  71. Love Songs, Joan Wyndham (March)
  72. Wedding Season, Katie Fforde (March)*
  73. Evil Under the Sun, Agatha Christie (March)
  74. The Case of the Murderd Muckracker, Carola Dunn (March)
  75. Mistletoe and Murder, Carola Dunn (March)
  76. The Man in the Queue, Josephine Tey (March)
  77. A Killing Joke, Anthony Horowitz (March)
  78. Bluestockings, Jane Robinson (April)
  79. Bombers and Mash, Raynes Minnis (April)
  80. The Wartime Kitchen and Garden, Jennifer Davies (April)
  81. The Pale Horse, Agatha Christie (April)
  82. The Love of her Life, Harriet Evans (April)
  83. The Cat with No Fiddle, Mollie Chappell (April)
  84. The Mystery of the Silver Circle, Mollie Chappell (April)
  85. Luella's Guide to English Style (April)
  86. Evacuees, Mike Brown (April)
  87. The Women's Institute Book of Preserves, Carol Tennant (April)
  88. Beatrice Goes to Brighton, MC Beaton (April)
  89. Deborah Goes to Dover, MC Beaton (April)
  90. Quilting for the first time, Donna Kooler (April)
  91. The House on the Hill, Eileen Dunlop (April)
  92. (GO) The Honour of the House, EM Channon (April)
  93. Cold Meat and How to Disguise it, Hunter Davies (April)
  94. (GO) Dimsie and the Jane Willard, Dorita Fairlie Bruce (April)
  95. Low Cost Living: Live Better, Spend Less, John Harrison (April)
  96. Nella Last in the 1950's, ed. Patricia and Robert Malcomson (April)
  97. The Girls Guide to Homemaking, Amy Bratley (April)
  98. Those Faraday Girls, Monica McInnerney (April)
  99. Soup, Glorious Soup, Annie Bell (April)
  100. Blitz, Juliet Gardiner (May)
  101. (GO) The School at the Chalet, E M Brent-Dyer (May)*
  102. (GO) The Vine Clad Hill, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  103. (GO) Tomorrow is a Lovely Day, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  104. The Fat Girls Guide to Life, Wendy Shanker (May)
  105. (GO) Seven in Switzerland, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  106. (GO) A Strange Enchantment, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  107. (GO) Changes for the Challooners, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  108. (GO)  Torley Grange, Gwendoline Courtney (May)*
  109. (GO) Time to Go Back, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  110. (GO) Three Go to Switzerland, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  111. (GO) A Coronet for Cathie, Gwendoline Courtney (May)*
  112. (GO) Amanda Goes to Italy, Mabel Esther Allan (May)
  113. (GO) The Road to Huntingland, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  114. (GO) Blue Dragon Days, Mabel Esther Allan (May)
  115. Sheconomics, Karen Pine & Simonne Gnessen (May)
  116. (GO) Over the Sea to School, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  117. A Chill in the Lane, Mabel Esther Allan (May)
  118. (GO) At School with the Stanhopes, Gwendoline Courtney (May)*
  119. (GO) The Girls of Friars Rise, Gwendoline Courtney (May)*
  120. (GO) Sally's Family, Gwendoline Courtney (May)*
  121. (GO) The Glen Castle Mystery, Mabel Esther Allan (May)
  122. (GO) The Farm on the Downs, Gwendoline Courtney (May)*
  123. (GO) The Flash Children, Mabel Esther Allan (May)
  124. (GO) The Flash Children in Winter, Mabel Esther Allan (May)
  125. (GO) Catrin in Wales, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  126. (GO) The House on the Marsh, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  127. Winters End, Trisha Astley (May)
  128. (GO) Juliet Overseas, Clare Mallory (May)*
  129. Chocolate Wishes, Trisha Astley (May)
  130. (GO) The New House at Winwood, Clare Mallory * (May)
  131. Yvonne Goes to York, MC Beaton (May)
  132. Simple Pleasures, The National Trust (May)
  133. Sick of Shadows, MC Beaton (June)
  134. No Boats on Bannermere, Geoffrey Trease (June)*
  135. Under Black Banner, Geoffrey Trease (June)*
  136. Black Banner Players, Geoffrey Trease (June)*
  137. 101 Things To Do Before You Diet, Mimi Spencer (June)*
  138. Black Banner Abroad, Geoffrey Trease (June)*
  139. The Gates of Bannerdale, Geoffrey Trease (June)*
  140. Our Lady of Pain, MC Beaton (June)
  141. Elegance, Genevieve Antoine  Dariaux (June)*
  142. The Ultimate Goddess - Be the Woman You Want To Be, Elizabeth Wilson (June)
  143. New Covent Garden Book of Soup for all Seasons (June)
  144. Slimming World 30 Minute Meals (June)
  145. Mud, Muck and Dead Things, Ann Granger (June)
  146. Be Careful What You Wish For, Alexandra Potter (June)
  147. A Bear Called Paddington, Michael Bond (June)*
  148. More About Paddington, Michael Bond (June)*
  149. Paddington Abroad, Michael Bond (June)*
  150. Paddington Helps Out, Michael Bond (June)*
  151. Paddington in Town, Michael Bond (June)*
  152. Paddington at Large, Michael Bond (June)*
  153. Paddington Marches On, Michael Bond (June)*
  154. Paddington Rules the Waves, Michael Bond (June)*
  155. Gone with the Windsors, Laurie Graham (June)
  156. Pretty Little Things to Make, Judith More (June)
  157. (GO) Schools for Old, Mabel Esther Allan (June)
  158. (GO) The Conch Shell, Mabel Esther Allan (June)*
  159. (GO) The Little Countess, Frances Cowen (June)
  160. (GO) Jam Today, Madge Smith (June)
  161. No Time for Romance, Lucilla Andrews (June)
  162. Spuds, Spam and Eating for Victory: Rationing in the Second World War, Katherine Knight (June)
  163. Paddington Takes the Air, Michael Bond (July)*
  164. How To Do just about everything in the office, Ed. Courtney Rosen (July)
  165. Paddington on Screen, Michael Bond (July)*
  166. (GO) Kennelmaid Nan, Elinor Brent Dyer (July)*
  167. The House by the Thames, Gillian Tindall (July)
  168. Paddington's London Treasury, Michael Bond (July)
  169. We'll Meet Again, Lily Baxter (July)
  170. Poppy's War, Lily Baxter (July)
  171. Country Doctor, Michael Sparrow (July)
  172. Style Me Vintage: Hair, Belinda Hay (July)
  173. (GO) Anne of Green Gables, LM Montgomery (July)*
  174. Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters, Lise-Lotte Lystrup (July)
  175. (GO) Anne of Avonlea, LM Montgomery (July)*
  176. Paddington Here and Now, Michael Bond (July)*
  177. The River at Green Knowe, Lucy Boston (July)
  178. Repeat Prescription, Michael Sparrow (July)
  179. The Green Mill Murder, Kerry Greenwood (July)
  180. Devil May Care, Elizabeth Peters (July)
  181. Dead Sea Cipher, Elizabeth Peters (July)
  182. The Night of 400 Rabbits, Elizabeth Peters (July)
  183. The Secret of Grange Farm, Frances Cowen (July)
  184. (GO) The Debatable Mound, Dorita Fairlie Bruce (July)*
  185. Ration Book Cooking, English Heritage (July)
  186. How to Train Your Dragon (audio), Cressida Cowell (July)
  187. (GO) School by the River, Elinor Brent Dyer (July)
  188. How to be a Pirate (audio), Cressida Cowell (July)
  189. (GO) The Woods of Windri, Violet Needham* (July)
  190. (GO) The Count of Monte Lucio, Violet Needham* (July)
  191. (GO) The Black Riders, Violet Needham* (August)
  192. (GO) The Emerald Crown, Violet Needham* (August)
  193. (GO) The Stormy Petrel, Violet Needham* (August)
  194. (GO) The House of the Palladin, Violet Needham* (August)
  195. (GO) The Betrayer, Violet Needham* (August)
  196. (GO) Richard and the Golden Horseshoe, Violet Needham* (August)
  197. (GO) The Secret of the White Peacock, Violet Needham* (August)
  198. (GO) The Red Rose of Ruvina, Violet Needham* (August)
  199. (GO) The Bell of the Four Evangelists, Violet Needham* (August)
  200. (GO) The Horn of the Merlyns, Violet Needham* (August)
  201. The tent, the bucket and me, Emma Kennedy (August)
  202. The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy, James Anderson (August)
  203. (GO) School on the Moor, Dorita Fairlie Bruce* (August)
  204. (GO) School in the Woods, Dorita Fairlie Bruce* (August)
  205. (GO) Toby of Tibbs Cross, Dorita Fairlie Bruce* (August)
  206. Matron Knows Best, Joan Woodcock (August)
  207. The Skeleton in the Closet, MC Beaton (August)
  208. (GO) The Two Linties, Clare Mallory (August)*
  209. (GO) A Difficult Term for the Chalet School, Lisa Townsend (August)
  210. A Nurse in Time, Evelyn Prentiss (August)
  211. Nurse on Call, Edith Cotterill (August)
  212. The Affair of the Mutilated Mink, James Anderson (August)
  213. The Affair of the 39 Cufflinks, James Anderson (August)
  214. Mister Teacher, Jack Sheffield (August)
  215. Die Laughing, Carola Dunn (August)
  216. 92 Pacific Boulevard, Debbie Macoomber (August)
  217. A Mourning Wedding, Carola Dunn (August)
  218. Fall of a Philanderer, Carola Dunn (August)
  219. You're Coming With Me Lad, Mike Pannett (August)
  220. The Thrift Book, India Knight (August)*
  221. The Gunpowder Plot, Carola Dunn (August)
  222. The Bloody Tower, Carola Dunn (September)
  223. Sheer Folly, Carola Dunn (September)
  224. Anthem for Doomed Youth, Carola Dunn (September)
  225. The League of the Smallest, Clare Mallory (September)*
  226. Sara Goes to Germany, Mable Esther Allan (September)*
  227. The Pen and Pencil Girls, Clare Mallory (September)*
  228. Dear Teacher, Jack Sheffield (September)
  229. Merry Begins, Clare Mallory (September)*
  230. Merry Again, Clare Mallory (September)*
  231. Merry Marches On, Clare Mallory (September)*
  232. First Term at Cotterford, Liz Filleul (September)
  233. Village Teacher, Jack Sheffield (September)
  234. Dear Sir, Jack Sheffield (September)
  235. Val Forrest in the Fifth, Evelyn Smith (September)
  236. Teacher, Teacher, Jack Sheffield (September)
  237. The Way to Sattin Shore, Phillipa Pearce (September)
  238. Berlitz Guide to Tallinn (September)
  239. Bracht Guide to Helsinki (September)
  240. The Distant Hours, Kate Morton (September)
  241. Upside Down, Inside Out, Monica McInerney (September)
  242. The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Setterfield (September
  243. Strangers at Vivians, Patricia Caldwell (September)
  244. Presumption, Julia Barrett (September)
  245. Churchill and Malta: A Special Relationship, Douglas Austin (September)
  246. A Hollywood Ending, Robin Sisman (September
  247. Mystery in Wales, Mabel Esther Allan (September)
  248. The Debutante, Katherine Tessaro (September)
  249. Tamar, Mal Peet (September)
  250. The Reckless Bride, Stephanie Laurens (September)
  251. A Turn in the Road, Debbie Macoomber (October)
  252. The White Cottage Mystery, Margery Allingham (October)
  253. Mermaid House, Gwendoline Courtney (October)
  254. The Crime at Black Dudley, Margery Allingham (October)
  255. Lord Peter Views the Body, Dorothy L Sayers (October)
  256. Lorna at Wynards, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  257. Stepsisters for Lorna, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  258. The Boy in Red, Violet Needham (October)*
  259. Milly Molly Mandy's Things to Make and Do, Samantha Hay (October)*
  260. Two Chalet Girls in India, Priyadarshini Narendra (October)*
  261. Jean of Storms, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  262. Mystery Mile, Margery Allingham (October)
  263. Elizabeth the Gallant, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  264. Carnation of the Upper Fourth, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  265. Etiquette, Barbara Cartland (October)*
  266. Look to the Lady, Margery Allingham (October)
  267. The Big Over Easy, Jasper Fforde (October)
  268. Police at the Funeral, Margery Allingham (October)
  269. Sweet Danger, Margery Allingham (October)
  270. Death of a Ghost, Margery Allingham (October)
  271. Dancers in Mourning, Margery Allingham (November)
  272. Antonia Forest's Kingscote Spring Term, Sally Heyward (November)
  273. Flowers for the Judge, Margery Allingham (November)
  274. They Fought in the Fields, Nicola Tyrer (November)*
  275. Murder on a Midsummr Night, Kerry Greenwood (November)
  276. The Lark in the Morn, Elfrida Vipont (November)
  277. The Lark on the Wing, Elfrida Vipont (November)
  278. The Luminous Life of Lily Aphrodite, Beatrice Collins (November)
  279. The Wanton Bride, Mary Brendan (November)
  280. Whisper on the Wind, Elizabeth Elgin (November)*
  281. Babe Bible, Anita Naik (November)
  282. Live Alone and Like It, Marjorie Hill (November)*
  283. Bad Science, Ben Goldacre (November)
  284. The Floating Admiral, The Detection Club (November)
  285. The Linden Walk, Elizabeth Elgin (November)
  286. The Attnbury Emeralds, Jill Paton Walsh(December)
  287. Not Dead but Resting, Simon Brett(December)
  288. Married by Morning, Lisa Kleypass (December)
  289. Love in the Afternoon, Lisa Kleypass (December)
  290. Eliza for Common, O'Douglas (December)
  291. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue, Stephanie Laurens(December)
  292. The Spring of the Year, Elfrida Vipont (December)
  293. Flowering Spring, Elfrida Vipont (December)
  294. Margaret Finds a Future, Mabel Esther Allan (December)
  295. The Case of the Late Pig, Margery Allingham (December)
  296. Leith and Friends, Clare Mallory (December)
  297. A Medal for Murder, Frances Brody (December)
  298. Howl's Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones (December)
  299. Murder in Advent, David Williams (December)
  300. The Will and the Deed, Ellis Peters (December)
  301. Angels in the Snow, Sarah Morgan (December)
  302. Domestic Sluttery, Sian Meades (December)
  303. The Highway Rat, Julia Donaldson and Axel Schaffer (December)
  304. The Food Detective, Judith Cutler (December)
  305. The Chinese Takeout, Judith Cutler (December)
  306. The Magic of Christmas, Trisha Astley (December)
  307. The Thirteen Days of Christmas, Jenny Overton* (December)
  308. The Christmas Truce, Carol Ann Duffy (December)
  309. Style Me Vintage: Make Up, Katie Reynolds (December)
  310. The World of Downton Abbey, Jessica Fellowes (December)
  311. Wish Upon a Star, Sarah Morgan (December)
  312. Best Ever Recipes Ice Cream, Vicki Smallwood (December)
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