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This was actually on girlsown but I thought it is just the thing to share with my flist too. It is also distracting me from the woe of being cut off from Stephen Fry's voice.

I think the majority of you are here because you read.

1. Where do you read?
Anywhere I can get manage it. I cannot read and iron (so I gave up ironing) and regretably I've yet to find a safe way to read and drive. I have audio books in the car. It is also a source of great regret to me that my employer does not allow me to read in the time they pay me for. In my opinion this is verging on the unreasonable.
2. When do you read?
Commuting, at lunchtime, in bed, in the bath, in my favourite armchair, sprawled on the window seat, in my parents garden, waiting rooms, once or twice in desperation locked in the ladies loos at work. Anyplace I can pretty much

3. Are you a skipper or a plodder?
Bit of both depends on the books. Some things are so squirm inducingly embarrassing or awful, they have to be skipped (e.g I will never read the epilogue of HP & the Deathly Hallows again) while other books need every single word savoured.

4. Do you cheat? ( i.e. look at the end before you get there)
Almost always. I never want a shock like the ending of Gone with the Wind again.

5. Single or Multiple reader? (Do you read more than one book at a time?)
I always have at least two books on the go, normally 3 or 4. My book choice varies depending on the location, potential audience and indeed the weight/ portability of the book.

6. What books do you remember from when you were a child?
Depends on how far back. As a very small child I have incredibly fond memories of Mog the Forgetful Cat, Paddington, Teddy Robinson, Hungry Caterpillar, Mary Kate etc. From later I have happy memories of The Chalet School, the Wells books, The Little House books, Katy Anne of GG et al, Drina and Little Women. (It's these I tend to return to over and over again when I need escapism or comfort.) The joy of discovering new boks by favourite authors in my mid to late teens too. A friends mother gave me all the La Rochelles because her girls weren't interested then I found the Emily series and Jane of Lantern Hill on a trip to the US.  Of course I still read many of them now.

7. What have you always wanted to read but never have? 
There are few books I want to read that I have not managed to beg, borrow or steal from somewhere or someone. I long to read the real Two Chalet Girls in India (not the fake published by Bettany Press) but of course that can never happen since it is gone for ever. I desperately wanted to read Spycatcher when it was banned then I read it in the US; what a let down that was. It was dull as the proverbial ditchwater. Duller in fact.

8. What else do you do when reading?
Type, cook (things tend to burn), watch TV, knit, talk on the phone, housework (More usually audio books for this)

9. Do you ever feel guilty about reading?
Only when I know I should be doing something else or I am late.

10. Do you reread books?
All the time. I cannot understand anyone who doesn't. There's always something new to discover and there is something deeply comforting about the familiarity almost ritual of rereading an old favourite.

11. Who do you talk to about reading?
Anyone who will listen

12. How do you discover new authors?
Friends/ family recommend books or lend me books, I read a review that sounds interesting, a book catches my attention in the library or the bookshop. I read about an author on girlsown or LJ. GGBP, Fidra or Grey Ladies republish it and I think why not try it.


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