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  1. Into Danger, Kate Adie (January)
  2. Nella Last's Peace, ed Patricia and Robert Malcolmson (January)
  3. (GO) A Dream of Saddlers Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  4. (GO) Veronica at the Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  5. (GO) No Castanets at the Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  6. (GO) Masquerade at the Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  7. (GO) Jane Leaves the Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  8. (GO) Ella at the Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  9. (GO) Return to the Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  10. To Catch an Heiress, Julia Quinn (January)
  11. How to Catch a Marquis, Julia Quinn (January)
  12. (GO) Rosanna Joins the Wells, Lorna Hill (January)*
  13. (GO) Principal Role, Lorna Hill (January)*
  14. (GO) Swan Feather, Lorna Hill (January)*
  15. (GO) Dress Rehearsal, Lorna Hill (January)*
  16. (GO) Backstage, Lorna Hill (January)*
  17. (GO) Vicki in Venice, Lorna Hill (January)*
  18. (GO) The Secret, Lorna Hill (January)*
  19. (GO) The Armourer's House, Rosemary Sutcliff (January)*
  20. (GO) Jam Tomorrow, Monica Redlich (January)*
  21. The Wombles, Elizabeth Beresford (January)*
  22. The Wandering Wombles, Elizabeth Beresford (January)*
  23. The Wombles at Work, Elizabeth Beresford (January)*
  24. The Wombles to the Rescue, Elizabeth Beresford (January)*
  25. Grass in Piccadilly, Noel Streatfeild (January)
  26. How To Run Your Home Without Help, Kay Smallshaw (January)*
  27. Saplings, Noel Streatfeild (January)
  28. (GO) The Coming of Lys, Phyllis Matthewman (January)
  29. Poppies for England, Susan Scarlett (February)
  30. The Village, Marghanita Laski (February)
  31. Beadle the Bard, JK Rowling (February)
  32. Family Roundabout, Richmal Compton (February)
  33. The Prince's Waitress Wife, Sarah Morgan (February)
  34. The Vicar of Wakefield, Oliver Goldsmith (February)
  35. Kingfisher's Catch Fire, Rumer Godden (February)
  36. Good Evening Mrs Craven, The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter Downes (February)*
  37. April Lady, Georgette Heyer (February)
  38. The Exiles, Hilary McKay (February)
  39. The Exiles at Home, Hilary McKay (February)
  40. The Exiles in Love, Hilary McKay (February)
  41. Saffy's Angel, Hilary McKay (February)
  42. Blaming, Elizabeth Taylor (February)
  43. Indigo's Star, Hilary McKay (February)
  44. Caddy Ever After, Hilary McKay (February)
  45. (GO) The Red Rose of Ruvina, Violet Needham (February)
  46. Permanent Rose, Hilary McKay (March)
  47. Forever Rose, Hilary McKay (March)
  48. Tommy Sulivan is a Freak, Meg Cabot (March)
  49. The Princess Diaries: After Eight, Meg Cabot (March)
  50. Singled Out, Virginia Nicolson (March)
  51. The Other Side of Paradise, Margaret Mayhew (March)
  52. News from Thrush Green, Miss Read (March)*
  53. Teen Idol, Meg Cabot (March)
  54. The Thrift Book, India Knight (March)
  55. Sisters in Arms, Nicola Tyler (March)
  56. The Princess Diaries: To the Nines, Meg Cabot (March)
  57. The Princess Diaries: Ten Out of Ten, Meg Cabot (March)
  58. 16 Lighthouse Road, Debbie Macomber (March)
  59. 204 Rosewood Lane, Debbie Macomber (March)
  60. Jinx, Meg Cabot (March)
  61. A Farthing Will Do, Lillian Harry (March)*
  62. An Incomplete Revenge, Jacquline Winspear (March)
  63. Old Boyfriends, Debbie Macomber (March)
  64. The Miracle at Speedy Motors, Alexander McCall Smith (March)
  65. The Shop on Blossom Street, Debbie Macomber (April)
  66. Battles at Thrush Green, Miss Read (April)*
  67. The Dragonfly Pool, Eva Ibbotson (April)
  68. Tying the Perfect Parcel: Everything you should know how to do, Rosemarie Jarski (April)
  69. How to be a Domestic Goddess, Maeve Bradbury & Jennifer Worick (April)
  70. The House Book, Murdoch Books (April)
  71. Letters to Lamar, Win Wyatt (April)
  72. The Little Prince, Antoine Du Saint-Exupery (April)
  73. Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot (April)*
  74. The Undomestic Goddess, Sophie Kinsella (April) 
  75. 311 Pelican Court, Debbie Macomber (April)
  76. Gossip from Thrush Green, Miss Read (April)*
  77. Affairs at Thrush Green, Miss Read (April)*
  78. The Lazy Girl's Guide to the High Life on a Budget, Anita Naik (April)
  79. At Home in Thrush Green, Miss Read (April)*
  80. The Water Horse, Julia Gregson (April)
  81. The School at Thrush Green, Miss Read (April)*
  82. Spam Tomorrow, Verily Anderson (April)
  83. The Wild Lorings at School, Gwendoline Courtney (April)
  84. The Land of Summer, Charlotte Bingham (April)
  85. The Serendipity Shop, Dorita Fairlie Bruce (May)
  86. Trouble at Skelton Hall, Elinor Brent Dyer (May)
  87. A Lavrock Lilting, Dorita Fairlie Bruce (May)
  88. The Ballet Family, Mabel Esther Allan aka Jean Estoril (May)*
  89. The Ballet Family Again, Mabel Esther Allan aka Jean Estoril (May)*
  90. Summer at Towns End, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  91. Changes for the Challoners, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  92. Celebrating Antonia Forest, ed Laura Hicks (May)
  93. The Last Curtsey, Fiona MacCarthy (May)
  94. The House on the Marsh, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  95. Prep, Curtis Sittenfield (May)
  96. Seven in Switzerland, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  97. The Vine Clad Hill, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  98. Black Forest Summer, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  99. The Sign of the Unicorn, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  100. Behind the Blue Gates, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  101. Beware of the Children, Verily Anderson (May)
  102. The Flo Affair, Verily Anderson (May)
  103. Vanload to Venice, Verily Anderson (May)
  104. Shadow Over the Alps, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  105. Mullion, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  106. Flora at Kilroinn, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  107. Shadows of the Workhouse, Jennifer Worth (May)
  108. Friends at Thrush Green, Miss Read (May)*
  109. Magic Flutes, Eva Ibbotson (May)
  110. Three Go to Switzerland, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  111. Lost Voices, Gilda O'Neil (May)
  112. The Rising Tide, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  113. A Dream of Hunger Moss, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  114. Five Sisters at Sedgewick, Nancy Breary (May)
  115. Tomorrow is a Lovely Day, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  116. Time To Go Back, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  117. Celebrations at Thrush Green, Miss Read (May)*
  118. Romansgrove, Mabel Esther Allan (May)*
  119. How to be Popular, Meg Cabot (May)
  120. The Year at Thrush Green, Miss Read (June)*
  121. A Strange Enchantment, Mabel Esther Allan (June)*
  122. Our Square, Verily Anderson (June)
  123. Room for the Cuckoo, Mabel Esther Allan (June)*
  124. Meric's Secret Cottage, Mabel Esther Allan (June)*
  125. Bicycles and Blackberries, Sheila Newbury (June)
  126. Porterhouse Major, Margaret Baker (June)
  127. Chiltern Adventure, Mabel Esther Allan (June)*
  128. The School on Cloud Ridge, Mabel Esther Allan (June)*
  129. Home to the Island, Mabel Esther Allan (June)*
  130. The World of Thrush Green, Miss Read (June)
  131. The Bell Family, Noel Streatfeild (June)*
  132. New Town, Noel Streatfeild (June)*
  133. The Secret of Chimneys, Agatha Christie (June)*
  134. The Seven Dials Mystery, Agatha Christie (June)*
  135. The Growing Summer, Noel Streatfeild (June)*
  136. Wintle's Wonders, Noel Streatfeild (June)*
  137. Apple Bough, Noel Streatfeild (June)*
  138. The Gay Dolphin Adventure, Malcolm Saville (June)*
  139. The Elusive Grasshopper, Malcolm Saville (June)*
  140. Little Light, Sam Young (June)*
  141. Treasure at Amorys, Malcolm Saville (June)*
  142. Rye Royal, Malcolm Saville (June)*
  143. Lorna at Wynards, Elinor Brent Dyer (June)*
  144. Stepsisters for Lorna, Elinor Brent Dyer (June)*
  145. These Old Shades, Georgette Heyer (June)
  146. Kate and the Family Tree, Margaret Storey (June)*
  147. Island Magic, Elizabeth Goudge (June)*
  148. Mystery Mine, Malcolm Saville (June)*
  149. Caldicott Place, Noel Streatfeild (June)*
  150. The Moffats, Eleanor Estes (June)
  151. The Confessions of A Reformed Dieter, AJ Rochester (July)
  152. A Parrot in the Pepper Tree, Chris Stewart (July)
  153. The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs (July)
  154. (GO) Gone Away Lake, Elizabeth Enright (July)
  155. (GO) Return to Gone Away, Elizabeth Enright (July)
  156. The Interpretation of Murder, Jed Rubenfeld (July)
  157. The Wonderful Weekend Book, Elspeth Thomson (July)
  158. The Duvet Diet, Jane Worthington & Clare Collins (July)
  159. (GO) Sue Barton Student Nurse, Helen Dore Boylston (July)*
  160. (GO) Sue Barton Senior Nurse, Helen Dore Boylston (July)*
  161. (GO) Sue Barton Visiting Nurse, Helen Dore Boylston (July)*
  162. (GO) Sue Barton Rural Nurse, Helen Dore Boylston (July)*
  163. (GO) Sue Barton Superintendent Nurse, Helen Dore Boylston (July)*
  164. (GO) Sue Barton Neighbourhood Nurse, Helen Dore Boylston (July)*
  165. (GO) Sue Barton Staff Nurse, Helen Dore Boylston (July)*
  166. Avalon High, Meg Cabot (July)
  167. The Unfinished Clue, Georgette Heyer (July)
  168. Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me, Lucia Van Der Post (July)
  169. The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society, Chris Stewart (July)
  170. The Spend Less Handbook, Rebecca Ash (July)
  171. Top Tips for Girls, Kate Reardon (July)
  172. (GO) The Boy in Red, Violet Needham (July)*
  173. Knit Two: The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs (July)
  174. Venetian Dreaming, Paula Weinberger (July)
  175. (GO) The Woods of Windri, Violet Needham (July)*
  176. (GO) The Changeling of Monte Lucio, Violet Needham (July)*
  177. (GO) The Black Riders, Violet Needham (July)*
  178. (GO) The Emerald Crown, Violet Needham (July)*
  179. (GO) The Stormy Petrel, Violet Needham (July)*
  180. Marley & Me, John Grogan (July)
  181. (GO) The House of the Paladin, Violet Needham (August)*
  182. (GO) The Betrayer, Violet Needham (August)*
  183. (GO) Richard and the Golden Horseshoe, Violet Needham (August)*
  184. (GO) The Secret of the White Peacock, Violet Needham (August)*
  185. (GO) The Red Rose of Ruvina, Violet Needham (August)*
  186. Footsteps in the Dark, Georgette Heyer (August)
  187. The Swish of the Curtain, Pamela Brown (August)*
  188. Maddy Alone, Pamela Brown (August)*
  189. Golden Pavements, Pamela Brown (August)*
  190. Blue Door Venture, Pamela Brown (August)*
  191. Maddy Again, Pamela Brown (August)*
  192. (GO) The Bell of the Four Evangelists, Violet Needham (August)*
  193. Death in the Stocks, Georgette Heyer (August)
  194. Behold Here's Poison, Georgette Heyer (August)
  195. Family Playbill, Pamela Brown (August)*
  196. A Blunt Instrument, Georgette Heyer (August)
  197. Ripping Things To Do, Jane Brocket (August)
  198. Why Shoot a Butler, Georgette Heyer (August)
  199. Finger Lickin' Fifteen, Janet Evanovich (August)
  200. Envy, Anna Godberson (August)
  201. Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You About Diet, Thrift and Going Green, Patricia Nicol (August)
  202. Airhead, Meg Cabot (August)
  203. Wishing for Tomorrow, Hilary McKay (September)
  204. The Luxe, Anna Godberson (September)
  205. Rumours, Anna Godberson (September)
  206. (GO) Before Green Gables, Budge Wilson (September)
  207. (GO) Anne of Green Gables, LM Montgomery (September)*
  208. (GO) Anne of Avonlea, LM Montgomery (September)*
  209. (GO) Anne of the Island, LM Montgomery (September)*
  210. (GO) Anne of Windy Willows, LM Montgomery (September)*
  211. (GO) Anne's House of Dreams, LM Montgomery (September)*
  212. (GO) Anne of Ingleside, LM Montgomery (September)*
  213. (GO) Chronicles of Avonlea, LM Montgomery (September)*
  214. (GO) Further Chronicles of Avonlea, LM Montgomery (September)*
  215. (GO) Rainbow Valley, LM Montgomery (September)*
  216. (GO) Rilla of Ingleside, LM Montgomery (September)*
  217. Homemade, Elspeth Thomson and Ros Badger (September)
  218. (GO) Summer's Day, Mary Bell (September)
  219. (GO) Pandora of Parham Royal, Violet Needham (September)
  220. (GO) Maids of La Rochelle, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  221. (GO) Seven Scamps, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  222. (GO) Heather Leaves School, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  223. (GO) Janie of La Rochelle, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  224. (GO) Janie Steps In, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)*
  225. The Benevent Treasure, Patricia Wentworth (October)
  226. Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist, M C Beaton (October)
  227. How to be Adored, Caroline Cox (October)
  228. The Case is Closed, Patricia Wentworth (October)
  229. The Chinese Shawl, Patricia Wentworth (October)
  230. The Catherine Wheel, Patricia Wentworth (October)
  231. The Brading Collection, Patricia Wentworth (October)
  232. (GO) Gerry Goes to School, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)
  233. (GO) A Head Girls Difficulties, Elinor Brent Dyer (October)
  234. Size 14 is not fat either, Meg Cabot (October)
  235. Corduroy Mansions, Alexander MacCall Smith (October)
  236. Warpaint, Lindy Woodhead (October)
  237. Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener, MC Beaton (October)
  238. Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual, Bobbi Brown (October)
  239. Sarah Raven's Complete Christmas: Food & Flowers, Sarah Raven (October)
  240. The Unbearable Lightness of Scones, Alexander McCall Smith (October)
  241. The Key, Patricia Wentworth (October)
  242. Whitethorn Woods, Maeve Binchy (October)
  243. Divas Don't Knit. Gil McNeil (October)
  244. Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, MC Beaton (October)
  245. Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet, MC Beaton (October)
  246. The Grey Mask, Patricia Wentworth (October)
  247. Latter End, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  248. The Watersplash, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  249. The Girl in the Cellar, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  250. The Listening Eye, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  251. A Good Yarn, Debbie Macomber (Novermber)
  252. Summer on Blossom Street, Debbie Macomber (Novermber)
  253. Make, Cath Kidston (November)
  254. (GO) The Road to Yesterday, L M Montgomrey * (November)
  255. Pilgrims Rest, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  256. The Gazebo, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  257. (GO) Changes at Melling, Margaret Biggs (November)
  258. The Case of William Smith, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  259. The Ivory Dagger, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  260. The Alligham Inheritance, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  261. From Cradle to Crown: British Nannies and Governesses at the world's Royal Courts, Charlotte Zeepvat (November)
  262. Backwards in High Heels, Tania Kindersley and Sarah Vine (November)
  263. Lonesome Road, Patrricia Wentworth (November)
  264. No More Dying, David Roberts (November)
  265. Size Doesn't Matter, Meg Cabot (November)
  266. Springtime in Burracombe, Lilian Harry (November)
  267. Cornelia of the Chalet School, Jackie Roberts (November)
  268. The Clock Struck Twelve, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  269. What Happens in London, Julia Quinn (November)
  270. Airhead: Being Nicki, Meg Cabot (November)
  271. Guides of the Chalet School, Jane Berry (November)
  272. Albert, Alison Jezzard (November)*
  273. Albert on the Farm, Alison Jezzard (November)*
  274. Meet Mary Kate, Helen Morgan (November)*
  275. The Bettany's of Taverton High, Helen Barber (November)*
  276. Juliet of the Chalet School, Caroline German (November)*
  277. Mary Kate and the Jumble Bear, Helen Morgan (November)*
  278. Mary Kate and the School Bus and other Stories, Helen Morgan (November)*
  279. Eternity Ring, Patricia Wentworth (November)
  280. Peace Comes to the Chalet School (December)*
  281. Albert's Christmas, Alison Jezzard (December)*
  282. The Forgotten Garden, Kate Morton (December)
  283. Fallen Skies, Philippa Gregory (December)
  284. Me and Mr Darcy, Alexandra Potter (December)
  285. The Secret Diary of Miss Miranda Cheever, Julia Quinn (December)
  286. Silhouette in Scarlet, Elizabeth Peters (December)
  287. The Return Journey, Maeve Binchy (December)
  288. A Christmas Grace, Anne Perry (December)
  289. A Highland Christmas, MC Beaton (December)
  290. Borrower of the Night, Elizabeth Peters (December)
  291. Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire, Mireille Guiliano (December)
  292. Trojan Gold, Elizabeth Peters (December)
  293. Spot's First Christmas, Eric Hill (December)
  294. Dear Santa, Rob Campbell (December)
  295. The Little Reindeer, Michael Foreman (December)
  296. Night Train to Memphis, Elizabeth Peters (December)
  297. Christmas with Anne and other Stories, LM Montgomery (December)
  298. The Camelot Caper, Elizabeth Peters (December)
  299. The Street of Five Moons, Elizabeth Peters (December)
  300. How to be a Lady, Candace Simpson-Giles (December)
  301. Christmas at Thrush Green, Miss Read (December)


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